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At OEM Pictures we create videos that get results.  By combining content creation with digital distribution we are able to educate your potential customers about what makes your business unique and then provide them with a path to learn more. We take the content that we create with you and setup online distribution campaigns which can turn into customer leads, email subscribers, online sales, brand awareness, and new repeat customers.  We do all of this and provide monthly or bi-weekly reporting on exactly how your content is performing, with specific numbers and costs related to; customer acquisition costs, cost per lead, conversion rates and many, many others. We only work with businesses that we truly believe we can help to meet their goals and grow. Reach out to us to talk about how we might be able to help your business.

Working With Us

Our Advantages


By handling both the content creation and distribution we have the ability to edit things as needed without bottlenecks or long delays.  We make multiple versions of your content and report back on how they compare at communicating with your potential customers. By optimizing the distribution along the way we can make small tweaks to see what connects with your customers in the most effective way, providing the most return on investment for your businesses.

About Us

Our Advantages


OEM Pictures was founded by Orion Madsen after having spent 6+ years creating videos for clients and mostly seeing them get limited to no return on investment. Most recently he spent 7 months working full time on Speed is the New Black Season 2. A Motor Trend show about incredible custom classic cars. Having also spent 9+ years in the audio visual field selling event production, rentals and integrated systems to everyone from small churches and weddings to the Missouri House and Senate, Bankers Life Fieldhouse (Home of the Pacers), and Boost 101.9 Radio.  With this knowledge he is poised to work with you to find and alleviate your customer’s pain points. He looks forward to helping you achieve your business goals.

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We have the tools neccesary to tell your story.

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