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A Few Piece of Our Work

Corporate and Business

Communicating in an Effective and Scalable Way

Radio Syndication Promo
Customer Case Study
Business Teaser Ad

We worked with BoostFM to capture their concert for promotion while also capturing 10+ interviews all within a 6-hour window.  We were able to move quickly and efficiently with a well oiled 5 person crew to capture great-looking content in a tight timeframe.  Crew size is often determined by how tight the shooting schedule is, while one person might take 30-45 minutes to load in and set up a great looking interview shot, a larger crew can execute faster and at a higher level.  You also end up with more people paying attention to a more specific task.  For instance, a dedicated audio mixer solely focused on capturing the best audio, a camera operator focused on keeping the shot framed and in focus, a producer to make sure the correct content is being captured and a gaffer to make lighting adjustments quickly and efficiently.

Sometimes a business's service is a little more abstract.  In this promotion, we combined footage and assets the client already had with some new footage that we went out and captured.  This video is designed to intrigue the viewer in to find out more about the offer.  Since the primary distribution for this video was planned as Youtube pre-roll ads we wanted to pack as much into a 30-second spot due to the major cost advantage for videos under 30 seconds on Youtube's ad platform.

One of the best ways to show off the strengths of your business is with a great customer case study or testimonial.  This case study was filmed with only about 90 minutes of Kristen's time and we were able to make multiple versions of her testimonial with a variety of information about her business, different introduction hooks, a variety of lengths and other tweaks.  This allowed us to test these versions to find the best videos for each placement based on viewer retention data and advertising metrics.


A Collection of Our Favorite Shots

Content Reel

This is a collection of some of our favorite shots and moments.  The first half is comprised of mostly single operator gimbal concert footage along with some corporate, TV show, interview and other favorite shots.  The second half is exclusively dual operator gimbal work including car to car footage from Speed is the New Black Season 2. Some of the artists included in this reel include Trombone Shorty, Run the Jewels, Snoop Dogg, and many others.

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