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Pre-Production is an often overlooked or neglected part of content creation.  Proper planning is the key to making great media.  Whether it's location planning, scriptwriting, scheduling, shot listing, casting or the many other aspects we can guide you through what is necessary to meet your content goals.


We have experience working on everything from single-person crews just to capture drone footage to working on larger crews for long multi-month projects.  No matter how much pre-production planning you do there will inevitably be some curveballs during production, we're experienced at working efficiently in fast-paced environments and problem solving quickly to keep production rolling and capturing great content.


Videos are created 3 times, once in each phase of production.  Post-Production and editing are as much of an art form as production.  Our editing process normally begins with reviewing all of the captured media and cutting it down into the content that will best achieve the goals.  Whether that is to evoke an emotion, drive interest, catch scrolling eyes or educating the viewer.  Editing is an extremely key part of the content creation process.

Facebook Ad Management

If the content is king then distribution is queen.  Getting that content in front of the correct audience to achieve the original goal is half the battle.  Through Facebook and Instagram ads we work to create positive ROI advertising campaigns that achieve goals.

Our Tools

The Right Tools for the Job

We have a full suite of equipment in house to handle most productions and can bring in specialty or additional equipment when needed.  Having such a suite of tools in house allows us to keep our production costs lower and provide high quality end products at reasonable prices.

Monthly Content Packages

Custom Packages and Services Available

Monthly Content Packages

Spending thousands of dollars on one video isn't feasible or advisable for many businesses.  This is why we offer monthly content packages so we can create new fresh content on a regular basis.  In 2020's fast-moving pace it is necessary to communicate with customers and audiences on a regular basis with fresh content and you have likely heard it all over the internet, video is the most engaging type content.

Pre-Production Planning Meeting - Great content comes from proper planning.  We will work with you to identify what content will help you achieve your business goals and make sure we are properly prepared to make the most out of our production time.

On-Site Production - We'll bring out our professional tools and crew to produce and capture great looking and sounding content.  We can flex what is needed month to month, we might come out with 1 crew member for a full day one month and the next month come out with 2 crew members for a half-day to accomplish more complex shots and productions.  Whether you need 20+ simple talking head videos or 1 spiffy promo video we'll capture whatever content fits into our production time.

Post Production - A large part of the content production process is the editing of the captured content.  This varies greatly from project to project but twice the amount of production time is a good starting place.  We'll work with you to identify what assets and deliverables fit into the alotted post-production time and deliver your content for you to post, share and distribute. 

Unique Social Posts with Content -  We'll provide the content, a headline, written post, and relevant hashtags to make your social media posts a simple copy and paste.

In-Person Editing Session - Editing is an art form and can be very subjective.  Some projects benefit from having the client come in to go through edits and revisions in person.  This can reduce the amount of back and forth communication necessary to reach a final product.

Facebook Ad Creation and Management - Great content is only half the battle, in order for that content to drive real-world results it needs to be viewed by the ideal audience.  Utilizing Facebook and Instagram advertising we can target your ideal customer base in order to drive more web traffic, new customer leads or other goals.  By handling both the content creation and distribution we have the ability to edit things as needed without bottlenecks or long delays.  We make multiple versions of your content and report back on how they compare at communicating with your potential customers. By optimizing the distribution along the way we can make small tweaks to see what connects with your customers in the most effective way, providing the largest return on investment for your businesses.

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